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(text written in January 2002)    

   Now that the dust settled, many stories were published, many stupid things were said and many tears were shed, I feel free to "talk" with you, share my thoughts, express my dissatisfaction with some things, remembering the past.

   I think you are in Peace now, without suffering, without agony, without the pressure of those who insisted on keeping you here in this world. People fail to understand that we are born, we live and we die. It's the law of Nature, the Cosmos, Krishna, Allah, God, the name that you want to use. Some die sooner than others, for several reasons. I, in my humble opinion, I believe that life is a passage, an apprenticeship, an enhancement to our eternal life. There are those who perform well, they both learn and teach, then their stay here is short. Why stay longer?

   So it must have been with John, with you, with so many others who made beautiful works. And therefore deserve an eternal life.

   It's funny. You spent your whole life complaining of profiteers, of false friends, bootleggers, and hours after your "passage", they came in full force, even here in Brazil. Incredibly, people appear to ensure that they have always been your close friends, (actually only were fans who took pictures at your side), people to whom you exchanged confidences, or were your contacts in Brazil and worldwide. Appeared also those who claim to have guitars exact like yours, accurate, faithful, valuing their collections to cash in on it.

   A quick glance at the simple details like bridges or other hardware and we, who actually studied your instruments, we find that in fact they were later editions or reissues. Sad, because these people claim to be your huge fans.

   The worst are those who use the media to trace your intellectual profile, set your character, detailing your frustrations and resentments. As if they were your confessors George, or even if they lived daily with you.

   At most they know you by books and magazines. But here they pose as experts in your life. And you always hated these people. The "crippled".

   Others don't understand the depth of the passage from this life to eternity and flounce in public that they don't accept your death as if you were forced to stay here, vegetating, suffering, just for the pleasure or caprice of them. We (me, you, Derek and so many other people), whom share the same disease at different stages, we know how difficult it is to live with it.

   And how beautiful is Eternal Life, next to the Lord.

   Derek, our beloved Derek Taylor said he always envied your health, your ability to retrain your body after years of crazy Beatlemania. He admired your spirituality, George. He was the first to live with the disease and leave us. How many plans we had together, outlined in his office at Apple and at the coffee in the other block, which could have been realized. But his health prevented. I kept my promise of silence, waiting for a day that it could happen for his hands, George. You were there with Ringo last time I was with Derek. But you also developed the disease.

   What was silence from my side, now with your passing, was buried forever.

   The plans were to have been made with you in life. Without you, no matter to anyone else know what these were. If I speak now, I will equate to "crippled". I also developed the disease. By God's grace, I managed a very early stage. But one day my time will come as well, and then "we can get back in touch".

   With you we learned a lot, laughed, cried, prayed.

   You should be proud enough of your passage here on Earth. You were part of the most important and revolutionary musical group, which I believe has existed in this world. You brought Indian culture to Western youth, including his music..

   You did it, during these 45 years of musical activity, captivate children from 6 years to adults with 80 years of age. I say that because they were crying in the day of your passage.

   Thanks man, for having been part of our lives, cheering them with your music, humor and philosophy.

   For now, all the best for you, good passing, much Peace and Love, in God's Kingdom...