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   The Beatles and their guitars (and drums!)

The Instruments which created a Dream.

Don't you have a drummer?

The rhythm is on the guitars (John, Paul and George, 1959)

There's no Beatles' fan, or even a curious, whom don't link the Hofner bass, "the violin one ", to Paul, or a Rickenbacker guitar to John and George.

So let us make a "journey" through the world of guitars used by those who are until today the greatest popular artists of our history.

Several sources were used, in order to bring photographs of the artists with the instruments and their details, satisfying curiosities, redeeming doubts, bringing surprises.

The Beatles Book magazine, many books, articles, specialized sites all over the Internet and accurate notes experts such as Andy Babiuk, John F. Crowley and Jorge Nasta, as well as the amazing site The Beatles Gear, allowed this compilation.

On the drums side, I counted with the valuable notes Victor Andrade, Gary Astridge and Russ Lease..




    Despite his "status" as a composer and cultural icon, John was a guitarist.

    His rhythm guitar technique was formidable, bringing beautiful arpeggios, triplets, jazzy guitars, fingerings and even some solos, revealing a musician who would influence generations of guitarists.

    And even in many Beatles songs he "dared" to play lead guitar. Just listen to the first solo of Long Tall Sally, or the one from You Can't Do That. The riffs and solos of Get Back are perfect as well as in I Want You (She's So Heavy).



    Globally known as bassist, Paul began his career as a guitarist. John got impressed with his "overwhelming" performance of Twenty Flight Rock and accepted him on his band.

    He tried to be lead guitarrist but it proved to be a great rhythm guitar. With the departure of Stuart Sutcliffe from the band, Paul moved permanently to the bass, as he did it from time to time in Hamburg.

    As a bassist, Paul proved to be extremely innovative, melodious, creating a new way of playing bass in rock.



    I believe I love my guitar more than the others love theirs, said George to the "Beatles Book".

    For John and Paul, writing songs is very important. Playing guitar is a mean to this end. While they are writing, I enjoy just playing with my guitar all night.

    I'm fascinated by the new sounds of different instruments that I play. I don't know if that makes me a musician. Call me a guitar fanatic, and I'll be satisfied.



    The Beatles are well known as composers and musicians. Understood here John, Paul e George. Little is said about Ringo as a drummer. Always speak with disdain and mockery, simply because they feel "Easy" the way he plays, as they say nowadays. The notion of time Ringo was (and still is) phenomenal. He never lose the tempo, was always consistent. His grip was relaxed, never dragged. He serves as a parameter for many producers.

    His ability to play odd time signatures took popular music to levels never before attempted. Here Comes The Sun, for example, goes from 11/8 to 4/4 and then to 7/8. Besides that, he plays any style of music: swing, ballads, R & B, country, rock and roll...

    The way to hold the sticks, the "matched grip", came from Ringo, a left-handed drummer who needed "strength" in his left hand. Hence, hit the snare like you're hammering Till then, all the drummers had a "traditional grip. "And his phrasing on the toms, always conducted with the left hand, are characteristic.

    He provided a new way to record drums, tuning the drums lower and cushioning the resonance with absorbent materials, mainly putting "pillows on the bass drum." The recorded sound of rock drums changed after the Beatles.


Come learn the gear they used to build the most beautiful songs of the 20th Century

The pages are updated regularly and new instruments or photographs are added!


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